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Strategic planning is a long term plan that envisions the organizations future. Goals and objectives of an organization can be achieved if the organization lays down a future plan of all that need to be done in order for the set goals and objectives to be achieved in the future The strategic plan of an organization should compose of long term goals and objectives of an organization. It should also lay down the processes and resources required for the organization to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Strategic planning is a continuous process aiming at reaching the intended goals and laying down the plans of how those goals are going to be achieved and then implementing the processes for future achievement of the organization goals and objectives. An organization should have a vision which it wishes to reach and laying down strategies which can help the organization to reach this vision is critical at one time in every organization. 1. Organizations have many hurdles that it faces when determining to start a strategic planning effort. Some organizations cannot engage in strategic planning because of these obstacles.


The organization needs to determine whether it is ready to undertake the process. How would an organization assess its readiness to develop a strategic process and plan? What would be included in the process? In strategic planning measurable objectives and specific objectives and goal are very important. Assessing an organization readiness to develop a strategic process and plan Situation assessment According to the book management (Trewatha Newport 2003), an assessment should be done to determine the external environment in which the organization is in operation.

This can be done be considering the organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats. This is well known as the SWOT analysis. This analysis identifies the particular organizations internal strengths and weaknesses in comparison with their competitors in order to determine the advantages and disadvantages they are experiencing over their competitors. The organization Strategic planning should be conducted at a particular time in the organization life. This should include all its stakeholders in determining the reasons why an organization should carry out a strategic plan and its readiness in regard to the same.

It is very important for an organization to do an assessment which will determine if it needs to develop a strategic plan and if so, if it has got the required resources to carry out the strategic plan. Market overview The organization must determine which business it is in and also should be able to also know if the business it is in is the right one. In regard to whatever the company is dealing with in terms of products should be considered, also the products relevance in the current market. (Trewatha Newport 2003).

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